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2018 Film Picks With Nitehawk’s John Woods

Film buffs, both in and out of the Brooklyn borough, know about the cinematic institution that is Nitehawk. Here are just a few features that make Nitehawk a superior movie-going experience. It has a full menu (with movie-themed food and drink pairings, naturally), an open bar, and some of the best-handpicked previews you’ll see in a cinema setting. It’s all part of an effort to bring a social element to film culture in New York. Whether it’s a short film, local, or full feature, part of building that experience is curating what’s shown in the theater. That responsibility is handled by John Woods, Nitehawk’s Co-Director of Programming and cinema team. He’s been involved in music and filmmaking for more than 20 years, recently debuting his first full-length documentary New Breed Documentary 1989, along with overseeing the music-driven night for the upcoming Nitehawk Shorts Festival. Below John has selected his favorite new releases, plus a few titles you should keep an eye out for in the fall/winter season.

John Woods 2018 Film Picks

(1)  The Phantom Thread

I usually have a tough time with period dramas, but in this case, I’m always interested in seeing what the director PT Anderson and the lead Daniel Day-Lewis do together – even separately going back to Anderson’s Hard Eight and seeing Day-Lewis for the first time in My Beautiful Launderette. They both have a serious and meticulous approach to what they do and it can be fascinating to watch the choices they make creatively up on the screen.

(2) Nice Girls Don’t Stay For Breakfast

I’m a huge Bruce Weber fan, and I first saw him mention he was making a Robert Mitchum documentary in Interview magazine back in the 90s, so it’s been a long gestating project. I recently had the chance to go to a work in progress screening of this and I have to say it is really worth the wait. It’s gorgeous black and white footage he’s shot mixed in with stills, old film clips, and terrific moments he’s captured. A beautiful portrait that I hope gets a big release in 2018. I want to see it again.

(3) Isle Of Dogs

There are not many filmmakers these days who really take every aspect of the craft as part of their overall aesthetic and there’s no mistaking a Wes Anderson film for anyone else. I really enjoyed The Fantastic Mr Fox so another stop motion animated film is a very welcome addition.

(4) Lady Bird

The word of mouth on this one has been amazingly strong and I’m very excited to see Greta Gerwig’s directorial debut. She’s made many great choices in the films she’s acted in, so I’m really curious to see how all her experience in film will translate.

(5) Venom

I don’t usually go for comic book adaptations, but seeing how Tom Hardy will portray Venom in a big budget superhero movie is too good a proposition to pass up. He has absolutely killed it from Bronson to Bane [in Dark Knight Rises] to Mad Max, so to witness him take on another iconic character is something to look forward to.

Check out Nitehawk’s current films here.

To learn more about the upcoming Shorts Festival check out their website.


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