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Fall Wardrobe Building Blocks: The Season Essentials

Fall is officially here and temperatures are quickly dropping. Which means it’s time to start investing in your transitional temp wardrobe. We like to be helpful, so below is our easy-to-follow four-point-plan to provide you with the building blocks of a versatile wardrobe.

Fall/Winter Plaids

Many items fall in and out of favor (anyone still wearing the drop-crotch trouser?) from season to season, but checks and plaids have stood the test of time. It’s less of a symbol of hands-on work now, from where it started, and more of an easy casual piece that’s perfect for layering. While we’ve taken the classic checks and plaids and kept a bit of the classic lumberjack aesthetic, we’ve also ironed out some details for refined pieces that still fit seamlessly into an office setting.

Versatile Grey Sweater

The ebb and flow of seasonal fashion can be felt most strongly in versatile options, but be careful not to get caught in the trends that won’t last more than a couple of seasons. Which is why we suggest you invest in a simple, yet incredibly comfortable grey sweater for the fall. It’s easy to dress up, layer, add color, go monotone, or just throw on with jeans. On that note, now is as good time as any to say pick up basics: Solid button-ups, good quality t-shirts, and socks.

Chunky Knitwear

In all but the hottest weather of the year, knitwear is an essential. But in the fall/winter seasons, the colors and weights are what make buying sweaters feel so right. Technology and creativity have pushed knitting patterns to new heights, so there’s freshness season after season, including our chunky V-knit sweater. It’s just the right blend of comfort and subtle design, not to mention the color options are prime for this fall season.

Heavy Duty Trousers

In the past, style was often the price you paid for enjoying the incredible comfort and warmth of corduroy. That’s no longer the case. Cut slim, with a brushed cord cotton fabric, the Houston Brushed Cord is the pant that’ll keep you warm and looking great. Whether you wear it casually, or dress it up, this is a must-have for the fall/winter season.

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