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SALE: Up to 50% Off FW18 Using Code WINTER30 (ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE). Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.

Style Inspiration for the Holidays: Tips from Menswear Connoisseurs

During the Holidays, it’s easy to get confused about making the right sartorial choices for the numerous parties and social occasions that pop up. One thing we’ve learned along our extensive sartorial journeys is that when in doubt, stick with the classics. So to help you navigate through your wardrobe conundrums, we reached out to some of our favorite menswear personalities and asked them about the menswear icons who influence their own style choices. We received answers from Steven Onoja, RichFresh, Jake Mueser and Brian Chan. See below:

Steven Onoja


My style icon is Fela Kuti. I am just obsessed with his style of music, highlife Classic old school, Afro beat and Jazz. It’s almost impossible to overstate the impact and importance of Fela Kuti. Style has been a form of art for me. As an artist, style is a different platform to express myself without having to say a word.
IG: @stevenonoja

Jake Mueser 


Picking one person is always tough, but I’d have to say Michael Caine. He has the perfect balance of sophistication, crisp tailoring and attitude. He went against contemporary trends in favor of classic tailoring and the result is a style that transcends generations.

IG: @j.mueser



I’d have to say Tom Ford. Ever since he was with Gucci he’s had this magic touch. Fascinating to watch. The Midas touch. He revolutionized Gucci, brought them back to glory. When he left to form Tom Ford, he nailed it. Stayed true to self, didn’t try to change up, stayed ultra-luxurious, and killed it. I met him earlier this year and he was just the nicest poised individual. Such a gentleman. Truthfully, Tom Ford is the one designer I want to compete with, so he has my utmost admiration.

IG: @richfresh_

Brian Chan 


I would have to say that one if my style icons is Alessandro Squarzi. His mix of vintage military inspired outfits and classic menswear is definitely a style to look up to. His nonchalantness when it comes to his style is what adds to his cool factor since what he chooses to wear looks effortless and natural. He is also one of the few men that can successfully pull off white trousers almost all year.

IG: @bchanism

Illustrations by Andy Jackson, follow him on IG here.

Dress Like A Style Icon

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