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SALE: Up to 50% Off FW18 Using Code WINTER30 (ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE). Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.

How To Throw a Posh Holiday Gathering: TRNK’s Tariq Dixon

Mr. Tariq Dixon is the Co-founder of TRNK, a NYC based home goods store with a focus on men. As you can imagine, he’s no stranger to hosting friendly gatherings and knows a thing or two about setting the mood and creating a warm atmosphere for a good time. We got the chance to stop by the TRNK showroom and chat with Mr. Tariq. Below he shares his do’s and don’ts for setting up your next holiday party.


DO provide two different sets of glassware when entertaining guest. One for drinking non-alcoholic beverages and a second set for booze. Holiday gatherings are usually more casual, so there’s no need for a full range of the right glass for every kind of beverage. Keep it simple.

DON’T use red solo cups. Plastic cups are fine because no one want’s to stay up all night washing dishes. But, make the extra effort to find nicer clear cups.


DO invest in serving platters.  If you’re hosting a bigger party, you may not have a set of plating to accommodate the number of people attending. Find some nice serving platters and cook a family style meal.

DON’T use foil or present your meal in a tin tray. Try to stay away from serving your food in whatever you cooked it in.


DO curate the scent for your holiday gathering. People notice the scents of a room, it’s probably the first thing they note when they walk through the door. Try burning incense to create that next layer in appealing to the 5 senses.

DON’T burn a floral scent during the holiday season. For holidays especially, you want something that has richer, deeper notes, so find something like cedar, tabacco, or palo santo.


DO set the atmosphere and mood with lighting. Lighting is one of the most important parts of setting up and it’s helpful to use layers. During the day it’s ok to have an overhead light, but the evening it’s about the mood. If you don’t have a dimmer switch, candles are the easiest way to set the mood. An uplight is also really atmospheric, so adding a spotlight under plants or works of art creates a nice warm vibe.

DON’T leave the room pitch black or too bright. Again, it’s important to have levels and range with lighting.


DO use gold and brass for a naturally festive vibe. People like a little shine and bling for the holiday season and gold and brass keep things naturally feeling warm and festive.

DON’T  use holiday decorations that aren’t necessarily as the same quality as the rest of the furniture in your home. Use elements that you would enjoy living with year round and find opportunities to make them feel a bit more seasonal.

Living Space

DO keep the environment warm and cozy for the holidays. Textural elements are important, so try adding warm and rich elements by adding a throw blanket on the sofa, which helps the room feel more inviting and lived in. A lot of times people end up sitting on the floor sometimes from the lack of seating, but there’s also something intimate about it. So having a nice plush rug creates a great environment.

DON’T make everything feel precious. You want to make people feel at home in your space, so it’s important to let go of some of the protectiveness we have over pieces and let people have a good time and enjoy themselves.

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