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New SS19 Grey Label available now. Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.

Destinie Bello Runs One of the Hottest DIY Fashion Shops on the Internet

Destinie Bello is a multi-talented powerhouse who was born to hustle. In addition to raising her young daughter Kyrie, Bello runs her own fashion blog and shop, selling her own re-worked original garments alongside designer items and other well-curated  goods, all while helping out at our O.N.S flagship store in SoHo, managing a booming Instagram account, and even acquiring a truly enviable sneaker collection. With all that in mind, we sat down with Bello a couple weeks ago to learn exactly how she does it all and to pay tribute to her, a woman we love! 

So what came first: your love for sneakers or style?

Sneakers and I definitely fell in love first. From a young age, I always had the latest kicks, and as I got older, the love only grew stronger. Style wasn’t too far behind though! I started experimenting with fashion in high school, and still do today!

How did you grow your fashion blog into a full-fledge business selling great gear and even original items you’ve created or re-worked yourself?

A few months into launching my fashion blog, I started to consign designer pieces. That love for providing unique items quickly grew into my curated capsule collection, which contains pieces that I’ve designed, hand picked, or collaborated with others on. It’s like a cool closet guide for men and women. About a year later, my reworked items were born, which is my most popular collection at the moment. I’ve had a passion for vintage items since I was very young, and so, I revive vintage gems to work for the modern wardrobe. Every Friday morning I release new merchandise!

Your daughter Kyrie is so sweet and cute, but raising a toddler must keep you busy. How do you make time for work, social media, and your side hustle slinging clothes?

It definitely isn’t easy, but Kyrie is who gives me that push every day! I really put my, “let’s get to business,” pants on when she came into my life. I have big plans for my brand and I know there’s so much more ahead of me. I never lose sight of the vision, and I know that the hard work will pay off. I also have my awesome fiancé, who has supported me in both my life and career. Two heads are definitely better than one!

You have a great sneaker collection. Do you have a favorite pair or pairs right now?

This is a tough one! I’d have to go with my Yeezy 700s, because they’re perfect with every outfit! I also am very into my Louis Vuitton archlight sneakers. The shape is sick!

Do you have any tips for other “momtrepreneurs” out there?

Keep working, never compare yourself to anyone else, and never give up on your dreams! Anything is achievable!

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