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Stylist Jermaine Daley Explains How to Reinvent Your Style With Things You Already Own

New York stylist Jermaine Daley is known for his unique eye, which allows him to combine classic tailoring with streetwear and sneakers, creating looks that jump off editorial pages. Taking those talents into account, we recently asked Jermaine Daley to swing by our SoHo flagship shop to take a look at our new spring stuff and to explain how you can reinvent your wardrobe with items of clothing you already own. Read on, get inspired, and redo you style for 2019.

As a stylist, what do you think the easiest way to update and rejuvenate one’s personal style is?

It’s more about the simple things, like updating the accessories you wear to revive the rotation. I’ve been personally all about a great bucket hat for the past few seasons, so I’m constantly on the hunt for really special ones.

How can you reinvent your style with pieces you already own?

Changing the combinations of what you are likely to wear together is an easy way of starting. If you are normally wearing all neutral palettes, maybe incorporate some color into the mix or maybe look into pieces that you haven’t worn for a while.

What are you looking forward to adding to your personal wardrobe for 2019? How will you reinvent your personal style this year?

I’m really looking forward to going back to vibrant colors and prints, as I’ve stayed away from those things for too long. Combining new stuff with old ‘fits will be how I reinvent my style this year.

Do you think of style as a process of constant reinvention, where someone is adding things to their wardrobe and changing, or one where someone should find their ideal style and stick with it, only updating it periodically with things that fit in?

I believe it’s a mix of both. Most people follow what their favorite designers do throughout that person’s career. It becomes that designer who you put all your trust in to reinvent the way you see yourself and to introduce you to new styles, fits, and fabrications.

We’ve seen streetwear and skate style on the ascendance lately, but some people are saying those trends have peaked and see tailoring coming back under the auspices of either prep or sort of avant-garde reinterpretations of blazers and suits. With those things in mind, where do you see things going style-wise in 2019?

I think we have a long way to go before streetwear slows down, to be honest. I do see tailoring making a return in small ways. On the streets of New York I see a lot of younger guys pairing tailored
trousers with  streetwear pieces, like hoodies and sneakers. But I do think we have a couple years left before we see a full return to tailored looks.

What’s one piece of clothing or accessory that you think can be constantly updated, either by designers or personally, and what’s one that should simply stay the same, needing no new additions?

I find that shoes are one of the best things to constantly update based on style and color. You can always change them out, but keep your wardrobe the same. One thing that should always stay the same is a classic white button down shirt. which you can incorporate into just about any other look for so many different occasions.

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