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New SS19 Grey Label available now. Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.

Spring Cleaning: Time To Edit Your Wardrobe

The spring equinox hit this week—and brought a snowstorm to the Northeast. Though it may not feel like it outside, spring has officially arrived. As the flowers start to bloom, it’s time to do some spring cleaning, starting with your wardrobe. If getting dressed stresses you out, you’re unhappy with your wardrobe, or you just have too many clothes, we’re here to help. Below are four tips that Marie Kondo would approve of.

(1) Recycle your Denim – Blue Jeans Go Green™

Jeans are a ubiquitous wardrobe staple. You probably own an assortment of light wash, dark wash, distressed, vintage and designer denim. Still, you find yourself grabbing the same pair each weekend. This is where we come in.

We’re partnering with Cotton Incorporated for the Blue Jeans Go Green™ initiative. First off, bring your old and unworn jeans to our SoHo store on 71 Greene. The jeans we collect will be upcycled into useful insulation for building purposes. This is extremely important for the apparel industry, as nearly 200,000 tons of clothing is thrown into landfills each year. And the best thing of all, we’ll give you 20% off your next pair of O.N.S jeans for pitching in. Learn more about Blue Jeans Go Green™ here.


(2) Get Organized

Take everything out of your closet. Dump out every tub, drawer, or any other storage mechanism that holds your clothing. Wash your dusty t-shirts, do your laundry, and throw out your old underwear. Take your wool coats to the dry cleaner and polish your leather shoes. Take a close look at your sweaters—they could be infested with moths. The little brown insects are attracted to wool, and might just lay tiny eggs in the threads of your favorite Rag and Bone sweater.

(Pro-Tip: To get rid of these pests, wash your sweaters and store them in enclosed containers along with cedarwood, cedar oil, or lavender sprigs, all of which are natural moth repellants)

Neatly fold and hang your clothing, and sort it in a way that suits your wardrobe. If you have a lot of jackets, invest in a coat rack. If you’re a denim hoarder, purchase a wall shelf. If you have broken or slippery hangars, throw them out, and buy a new set. Matching hangars, though a seemingly small change, will reward you every day you fetch clothing from your newly tidy closet.

(3) Purge

When you sort through your closet, make three piles: keep, sell and donate. If you are indecisive, you can even add a maybe pile. Items you keep will obviously be items you still wear. There are, however a few nearly unworn pieces that you should never get rid of. Staple pieces you should always have on hand include: t-shirts, button-downs, some basic knits, a blazer, good denim, a messenger bag, and a few pairs of comfortable, high-quality shoes.

Use your discretion to determine how much clothing is too much, and edit accordingly. Items that are “maybes” should probably not remain in your closet.

Your giveaway pile should be quite large; think about it this way, these clothes will be a great find for someone less fortunate than you. Take these items to your local Salvation Army/Church or schedule a pickup from an online clothing donation service.

Staple Pieces You Should Always Have:

(4) Cash In

The sell pile contains clothes you no longer wear, but are still in good condition. You can try your lower-tiered items at a resale shop like Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange. More expensive pieces, like those Saint Laurent sneakers or Margiela leather jacket you never wore, can be sold on eBay, or listed on a luxury resale site like Grailed. Once your item is sold, you can either rank in some dough or trade it for a stylish Raf Simons shirt from one of these shops.

Illustrations by: Louie Chin

Words by: Hayley Lind





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