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5 Ways To Ace The Holidays

For our Holiday Survival Issue, our intention is to arm you with as many useful tools as possible to make this busy season a complete breeze. We enlisted the help of talented artist, Louie Chin, to illustrate five pro-tips for acing the holidays. Read on below:

(1) Take A Surprise Trip

Sometimes, to escape the stress and worry of the holidays, it’s best to just plan a surprise trip and get away from it all. Take a quick trip to that quaint American town that’s always intrigued you. Or better yet, head to a warmer city that’s not ensnared in a wicked winter vortex. Some things to take on the trip: a good book, an explorer’s mindset, and lots of relaxing leisurewear. Do this, and you should come back fully energized for 2019.

(2) Start Your New Year Resolutions Early

It’s time to break the cycle. You know exactly the one we mean. That old habit of waiting for the clock to strike midnight on December 31st, and magically expecting your life to instantly change for the better. We all have similar lists of areas we need to improve in: getting in shape, eating right, cutting down the drinking, quitting cigarettes, etc. So here’s a bright idea, don’t wait any longer, just start right now. What are you waiting for? Every important life change takes time to become a routine, so the earlier you start, the better.

(3) Volunteer To A Good Cause

In a city like New York, it’s uncomfortably easy to see the stark difference between the haves and the have-nots. In the same New York minute, you could be walking by a luxury hotel full of well-heeled guests carrying designer shopping bags, and in the subway station directly below, there are homeless people begging for alms. Perhaps we could all make the world a better place if we tempered our holiday celebrations just a bit, and instead volunteered some time and effort to make this world a better place. It could be anything: a coat drive, soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, or even your local Boys and Girls club. Remember, stepping out of yourself and doing good for others goes a really long way.

(4) Get In The Right Mind Space

When it really comes down to it, the majority of the stress and worry we encounter during the holidays is self-inflicted. Sure, there are some touchy relationship issues and unavoidable family triggers that we all have to deal with, but even then, having the right mindset and attitude can help you remain peaceful and calm. To that end, try taking up a meditation class or even downloading a Zen app to help you find the right mind space. Just remember though, a peaceful mind isn’t cultivated overnight. This will take practice and dedication, like any other worthwhile venture in life.

(5) Be The Best-Dressed At Every Gathering

Take it from us, the art of dressing well can also double as a very effective mood-lifter. It’s a proven fact; when you look good and feel that you are putting your best foot forward, it inevitably makes you feel happier and more confident about your entire existence. So why don’t you take that approach this holiday season? Put some extra effort into looking your absolute best at every gathering you attend. And a word to the wise, this isn’t only about the clothes you put on your body, it applies to your grooming regimen and even your manners in different social settings. And you never know, you could cultivate a sartorial habit that keeps you looking spiffy all through the new year.

All Illustrations by: Louie Chin

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