FLASH SALE: 25% off all sweaters and outerwear. 24 hours only. Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.
FLASH SALE: 25% off all sweaters and outerwear. 24 hours only. Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.

A Fall Outerwear Primer with Mr. Taj Reed

Please allow us take a moment to remind you that fall is officially upon us, and with that new reality, it’s absolutely essential you nail down your go-to outerwear choices for the coming colder months. To fully breakdown our fall jacket and coat offerings, we enlisted the help of the handsome, soft-spoken, multitasking NYC creative Taj Reed for a little style advice. Taj is an accomplished writer, content producer and artist advocate, and truth be told, you’ll never catch him on the streets in a fit that’s not “extra fly” and perfectly suited to his dynamic “man-on-the-go” persona. From statement pieces like the Equine Scout Jacket and Dominic Bomber to more subtle styles like The Grant Topcoat and Parker Jacket, here are some expert styling jewels from the talented Mr. Reed.

Dominic Bomber


“This is a date-night jacket, for sure. It’s sleek enough to give your look some sophistication without making you feel overdressed. It’s appropriately casual and formal. I would wear it on any cool, dry night. You definitely don’t want to get caught in the rain wearing this jacket. I love the collar, too. I think most people who invest in a shearling collar jacket are making a very conscious purchase. But the stitching shouldn’t be overlooked. This jacket is well made and fits perfectly.”

Pro Taj Tip: Tuck your shirt when wearing this jacket. Clean lines will help elevate the overall look.

Grant Topcoat

“This is the type of piece that looks as good over a hoodie as it does over a suit. I like to play with layers and personalized touches to make a coat more versatile. I tend to DIY my long coats (especially if I want them to look more casual) by adding pins, patches, and sometimes swapping buttons. A coat like this would be perfect if you’re invited to a fall wedding or even to an outdoor event or show. I particularly like the the length of it; I’m about six feet tall and the jacket falls nicely between my waist and knee—not too long, not too short.”

Pro Taj Tip: Make it your own. You really can’t go wrong with this coat. Also, always remove the pleat stitch.

Windowpane Grant Topcoat

“This is my ideal, everyday overcoat. It fits my personality and I feel comfortable wearing it with a hoodie and a pair of kicks. A patterned overcoat is a great statement piece. They show off your style sensibility and make an otherwise normal outfit look instantly unique. I especially like the pattern on this jacket—it’s not too overstated, but still gives the coat a bit of personality.”

Pro Taj Tip: Allow the jacket to be the star. Don’t complicate the look by wearing too many other patterns or colors.

Equine Scout Jacket

“This is one of the rare occasions when a bold outerwear item benefits from being paired with other bold pieces. The red sweater I wore here distracts your eye just enough for you to really appreciate the shape, color and graphic motifs on the jacket.”

Pro Taj Tip: The Equine print on this jacket is whimsical, but the design is streamlined. Dress it up to give the look the sophistication it deserves.

Reversible Coach Jacket


“This jacket has so many clean features. The color blocking on the reverse side, the drawstring at the hem, the flat hardware. This is easily one of my favorite pieces. I would suggest wearing it on both sides, and getting twice the wears. Think of it like buying two jackets for half-price.”

Pro Taj Tip: Button the jacket to the top, and wear over a turtleneck with a pop of color to instantly transform the look and feel of the jacket.

Luke Jacket

“For me, materials are equally important (if not more important) than color in terms of styling. I usually opt for softer fabrics like fleece, wool, and corduroy, and that’s definitely the case with this moleskin Trucker jacket. As far as details go, I like the darker metallic hardware on this jacket. I think it’s extremely thoughtful, because brighter hardware would’ve drawn your eye away from the beautiful fabric.”

Pro Taj Tip: Don’t think of this as a denim Trucker, because it isn’t. Pair this jacket with something outside of your comfort zone—take some risks, mixing fabrics and colors.

Parker Jacket

The weight of the jacket makes this a proper fall piece. It’s heavy enough to wear over a T-shirt but sleek enough to comfortably add an additional layer. I also like its functionality and versatility. Nylon is safe to wear on a wet day and looks great with both casual wear and techwear.

Pro Styling Tip: Mix fabrics to change the look. This jacket looks great dressed down over layers.


Be sure to follow Taj Reed on IG here

Styling by Marcus Allen


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