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3 Musicians Pick Their Favorite ‘Guilty Pleasure’ Songs

At O.N.S, we like to focus on the good stuff. Good clothes. Good food. Good art. And good music. But even we must admit, sometimes something that’s not so great can be oh so good. We call these things guilty pleasures, of course. In the name of research—and to comfort ourselves that we’re not alone in like some things that aren’t so cool—we reached out to a few of our favorite musicians to learn about their favorite guilty pleasure songs.

Olive Green


“Lifestyle” by Rich Gang, featuring Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan is my guilty pleasure song. Some might consider this song trashy, with its mumble rap, crude language, and its focus on material success and making it by any means necessary. The lyrics are hardly understandable and when you do understand something in the song, it’s usually a curse word. I can definitely see the points people make about it, but I still love the song. The chorus is so catchy even though it’s very hard to understand, which is something I personally like about it; it makes it stand out. The song actually gets me more motivated than any other song, mostly because of its go-hard energy. It even makes me excited to work hard on my career. Once you decipher the lyrics, then you’ll see that Young Thug is talking about making it to the top, and I can very much relate to the struggle of working hard to get to where you want to be. Amazing song to me, but definitely a guilty pleasure.




“I don’t always agree with the term “guilty pleasure” because I stand by my interests but one of my favorites is “Gotta Get Thru This” by Daniel Bedingfield.  This may be a deep cut from 2001 but it is 100% a bop. I grew up knowing and loving this track and had no idea it was sung by a man, let alone by Natasha Bedingfield’s brother!?  It’s a fun one if you’re anything like me and spend most of your time home alone dancing in front of your mirror.”


Ruby Haunt


“Muji Original BGM,” by Haruomi Hosono is our guilty pleasure. This song is a 16 minute loop of a simple synth melody. It’s one of my favorite tracks to listen to alone because it’s so minimal and strikes such an emotional chord with me. This song makes me realize that life is appreciating the simple things. You don’t need too much.

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