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New Gear, New You: 2019’s Essential Gadgets & Tech

Resolutions come in all kinds. Some are personal. Some are professional. Others are 1080p. Instead of hauling last decade’s tech on that “be more spontaneous” trip, why not make this the year you upgrade everything at once? Step up your reinvention with some cool new inventions. Here’s our picks for the stylish gadgets and tech you need.

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook

There’s no replacement for paper and pen. According to experts, just the act of writing something down increases your ability to remember it compared to typing. However, in the modern age, there’s no replacement for a Search bar, either. Enter RocketBook.

Founded by a former SalesForce executive, RocketBook makes affordable smart notebooks that upload whatever you write on their pages to the cloud – a powerful asset for today’s traveling creatives. Their premier model, the Everlast, costs just $32 but is both durable and 100% reusable. Take notes by hand is smart. Organizing them with a smart notebook is even… well, you get the point.

Mission Workshop “The Rhake” Backpack

Everyone remembers their first “nice” shoes: the look, the feel, the way they carried you through the world. A great bag is all that and more. For creative professionals who need room for gear but demand stylish functionality, The Rhake by Mission Workshop is as good as it gets. The bag is cut from high-tenacity HT500 nylon and comes fully weatherproofed. Specialized pockets carve room for laptops, iPads, phones, and chargers. From the outside, however, it’s a sleek, streamlined rucksack – a future-facing version of the classic rolltop bag.

From back to front, The Rhake’s got all the right stuff. Namely, room and protection for all of yours.

 LifeProof Aquaphonics AQ9

Most wireless speakers claim to “bring your music everywhere.” Since when is “everywhere” is cool, dry, and close to an outlet?

The Aquaphonics AQ9 – a waterproof, drop-proof Bluetooth from LifeProof – is a durable, versatile speaker designed for active lifestyles. Just 5.6” long, the AQ9 fits easily into backpacks of all sizes. But don’t underestimate its power and sound. A 16-hour battery and 80db speaker will take through any weekend off the grid.

 BioLite Charge 20 Waterproof Battery

Battery packs suck. Until you need one. While fumbling with cables may feel dorky, there’s nothing worse than missing that email because you couldn’t get to a charger after a long travel day. While a freebie from the sales conference works in a pinch, the BioLite Charge 20 may just be the best in show.

Boasting a 5200mAh capacity, this thin, stainless steel charge pack has enough juice to revive two whole smartphones. In addition, the Charge 20 is fully weather resistant thanks to its silicon gasket, earning an IPX6 (covered against “powerful water jets”) rating for its effort. Don’t get caught with your amps down. Give the BioLite a try.

Smartech ili Portable Translator

As if a New Year didn’t mean we’re living in the future, there’s the Smartech ili. Straight out of science fiction, the ili is a portable instant translator that works 100% offline. Just let that sink in.

It’s not the Babelfish. It’s not a translation site. It’s a 42 gram wearable device that translate your words in as little as 0.2 seconds. While very much not for business scenarios, the ili promises to make leisure travel a breeze for not much more than a plane ticket. Imagine exploring every host city on your calendar with the fluency of a local. It might almost make all the work travel worth it.

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Words by: Alex Rakeshaw

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