FLASH SALE: 25% off all sweaters and outerwear. 24 hours only. Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.
FLASH SALE: 25% off all sweaters and outerwear. 24 hours only. Free Shipping over $150, Free Worldwide shipping over $300.

5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Gear

Many common New Year’s resolutions can be big, intimidating, and tough to keep. Sure, many of us would like to hit the gym every day for the rest of our lives, but frankly, with time commitments, career, and family and friends, that’s not likely to happen. Which can lead to disappointment and a feeling of letting oneself down, not to mention that even those who happen to make it to the gym every day are in for some very hard work. But, you can actually make some easy, small changes that will significantly impact your life positively. And, since we’re a clothing company here, we’ve focused on changes you can make to your wardrobe and accessories. What follows, are five simple ways to upgrade your gear and improve your life.

Get All New Socks

If you go to your sock drawer right now, what do you see? Probably a couple decent pairs thrown in with a mix of mismatched, threadbare socks that don’t look or feel so great. But there’s an easy fix. Throw all of your socks out right now and buy all new pairs. Sure, buying 20 pairs of new socks at once might feel like a splurge, but in the big scheme of things, it’s not. And it’s a dead simple way to improve your life right now. Everyone knows that new socks are feel great. They look great too. Get some now and you’ll significantly improve your day and even life for the foreseeable future.

Update Your Glasses Prescription

For those who wear eyeglasses, it’s easy to let time tick by, wearing the same pair year after year. But that’s not the best way to treat your eyes or your style. Every couple of years, your eyes are changing. That means your prescription’s not up-to-date, which likewise means you’re probably exhausting your eyes, which is bad for your overall energy and can lead to headaches. Instead, head to your optometrist to get an up-to-date prescription, which you can then put to use in a pair of brand new glasses, which can also totally remake your look. It’s a win for your body and your style.

Find the Right Dry Cleaner

When was the last time you went to the dry cleaner? A year? More? Well, that’s not nearly often enough. Finding, and going to, a good dry cleaner should be an essential part of your style routine. Regularly cleaning your sweaters and wool overcoats helps maintain them, keeps them looking fresh, and also helps keep moths away. Plus, a good dry cleaner can press your dress shirts and Oxfords, and often will mend or tailor clothing for you too.

Try a New Silhouette 

It can be easy to get stuck in a style rut. Many men find something they like when they’re young and stick with it. That’s as true of shirt and collar sizes as anything else. So, if you find yourself putting the same style point collar shirt or Oxford on day after, consider opening up your options. A convertible camp collar is a great thing to add to your wardrobe. It’s still classic, but unique, and has the perfect easygoing feel for spring and summer, where warm weather and leisure rule.

Get a Professional Shoe Shine

Even if you shine your shoes at home, you should consider finding a good shoe shine spot. The pros use more products and more effort than you can muster at home, which helps make your shoes shinier than ever, while making sure they get the proper moisture and maintenance. Trust us, shoes bearing a pro shine will stand out, helping set you apart from your less-conscientious peers while keeping your shoe leather in good working order.

All Illustrations by Louie Chin

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