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Rebecca Ravenna’s the Stylist Known For Effortlessly Mixing High and Low

Rebecca Ravenna arrived at The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita wearing a Misfits T-shirt, high-waisted Moussy jeans, and nude Chanel slingbacks. Ravenna, known on Instagram as @foundthebestthing, makes a living searching for hard-to-find pieces from the likes of Chanel, Vetements, and Balenciaga. The Chicago native also recently launched a curated collection of rare vintage band tees. O.N.S spoke with the 32-year-old stylist, entrepreneur, and mother about her multifaceted business, her high-low aesthetic, and her love of streetwear.

Ravenna was passionate about fashion at a young age, but she didn’t expect to make a career out of it. She studied writing in college then worked for her family’s real estate business. In her downtime, she would provide friends with shopping advice when they asked her where to find the latest handbag. But she did this for free.

“I thought, this is so easy, I should be making money off of it,” she said.

In 2017, Ravenna decided to turn this hobby into a career, and her digital personal styling and shopping platform, Found the Best Thing, was born. Ravenna now scouts hard-to-find items, like the 2.55 Chanel bag, for women of all ages and styles them in her signature high-low aesthetic.

Ravenna’s personal style is heavily inspired by her childhood. She grew up creating outfits out of deconstructed princess costumes, and constantly wore Hanes T-shirts, which were only made for boys at the time. Today, her daily uniform is a pair of jeans, designer accessories, and a vintage band tee.

“I describe my aesthetic as junior high boy with access to his parents American Express Card,” Ravenna said.

Her Instagram, @foundthebestthing is filled with photos of the stylist herself sporting, vintage T-shirts, cut-off jeans and Chanel handbags. Ravenna’s on-brand photos and her Instagram following of 11K are proof that she is her own best advertisement.

“If I don’t like something, I have a hard time selling it,” she said.

Running a styling platform and maintaining an Instagram image keep Ravenna busy. But the female powerhouse recently started another business venture.

In April, she partnered with her friend Jacob Sachen, to create “A Little High, a Little Low,” an online shop selling vintage band tees. The shop features pre-owned tees from ’80s bands like Motley Crue, KISS, and Van Halen. Items are sold exclusively online and through Ravenna’s Instagram.

Ravenna, who admits she doesn’t like to dig for clothes, takes care of the business side, while Sachen finds the products.

“I’ve never seen a person flip through vintage racks so quickly. He loves to dig through stuff,” Ravenna said.

Sachen, who owns the men’s clothing destination Boneyard Chicago, is no stranger to curating vintage tees—he already sells a large assortment of them at his shop

Ravenna wasn’t sure if she had a big enough Instagram following to sell the tees, but she’s already been proved wrong. Customers are DM-ing her left and right, and many styles have already sold out. “We’re two creative people and it turned into something bigger and bigger,” Ravenna said.

The stylist is clearly passionate about vintage tees and designer accessories, but her main source of inspiration is men’s streetwear. She loves Supreme, Chrome Hearts, and Anti-Social Social Club. Ravenna isn’t afraid to style women in men’s clothing. She doesn’t currently work with men, but wants to style them in the future.

Between her daily jeans and tee uniform, and her boy-meets-girl aesthetic, Ravenna is appealing to a society that is keen on challenging gender roles, particularly through fashion.

“I want to give you styling advice, and I want to be approachable,” she said.

It should come as no surprise that Ravenna’s biggest style tip is also all about being open-minded.

“With anything the key to pulling something off is just feeling like you do,” she said. “There’s nothing you can’t pull off if you don’t feel good in it.”

This is why she’s a lady we love.

Words: Hayley Lind

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