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Women of IG: Eye Candy Edition

Well, we’re back to our sifting ways, and scoping out the new talent on IG. For this round, we focused on finding beautiful and sexy women, including models, actresses, and creatives, and we weren’t surprised that IG has plenty. Below are the women that we think deserve to have that follow button pushed.

Been like this for most of today…minus the cute dress

A post shared by Christina Caradona (@troprouge) on

Traveler, blogger, and self-described pro selfie taker, Christina Caradona tours the world, and thankfully documents it all on IG. She doesn’t fit the typical-cookie cutter style or look, and we love it.


A model who frequently graces magazine pages, Kaci Tansey must be doing something right. Her IG is a must follow, featuring no shortage of selfies, #BTS shots, and did we mention selfies?



@billboard x @whotels

A post shared by AMRIT (@itsamrit) on

Beauty and lots of talent … When Amrit isn’t working her 9-5 day job, she’s traveling the world and working her passion as a DJ. She’s shared the stage with Migos, French Montana, and T-pain, not to mention, she’s a vocalist too.



Guaranteed to be your next IG crush, Elizabeth Sawatzky is a new model and budding actress. The Oklahoma native is off to a great start with a cool 148K follower count and growing. Her IG is required viewing.



German-based, creative, vegan foodie, illustrator, Youtuber, and owner of two cats, there’s absolutely no shortage of content from Ms. Kicki Yang. Follow this feed for an extra dose of creative inspiration.


Who’s ready? Turnaround bright eyes

A post shared by Allie Silva (@alexandra.k.silva) on

Full name Alexandra Silva, but you can call her Allie for short. You’ve probably seen her in GQ, but she’s a New York based model whose IG page is a good mix of adventure fun, and selfies.



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