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The Vera Twins Make Paradigm Shifting Art for a New Culture

We live in a moment of cultural synthesis. As old paradigms are disrupted, new forms of creativity bubble up to fill those voids. And…

Lichen’s Owners Met by Chance But They Sell Furniture With a Purpose

Sometimes, the most important things in life seem to happen by chance. Maybe you found that one nice shirt you can’t live without while…

Jameel Charles’s Unique Drawing Style is Starting to Pay Off

In the fashion world true originality is at a premium. That’s what drew us to Jameel Charles, an artist who’s truly done it his…

Must-See Art Openings To Discover in 2019

The start of a new year is either a time of stress or rebirth, depending on how you look at it. Coinciding with the…

Meet Roger Rodriguez, Chocolate Extraordinaire

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Roger Rodriguez grew up cooking with his grandmother and mom. He went to college for graphic design,…

How Will Fegan Became Wild Willy, Expert Carpenter

Coming from a family of craftsmen, Will Fegan never expected to become a carpenter himself. But after experimenting creating things from salvaged wood, Fegan…

Talking With Troy Yoshimoto, Designer and Ceramicist

Industrial design and ceramics may seem different at first. One uses computer modeling, engineering, and industrial production to create objects, while the other uses…

The Painter’s Canvas: Julian Pace

To an artist or painter, the blank canvas can sometimes appear to be the most daunting thing on earth. Where does one begin? How…

This Couple Turns Rope Into Awesome Art Objects

Doug Johnston and his partner Tomoe Matsuoka are unique, even among artists. After meeting in graduate school, Doug and Tomoe developed a special rope coiling…

3 Artisanal Outfits and How to Wear Them

Functionality is the basis of many of menswear’s greatest pieces. Khakis, of course, began as lightweight military uniforms, offering a crispness and durability that…

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