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The Best Outfits for Every Kind of Holiday Party You’ll Attend This Year

The holidays bring mirth and fun, sure. But they can also bring stress and pressure. Pressure to give the right gift. Pressure to see your family. And pressure to show up at all sorts of parties and events. And at those events, you’re going to want to dress your best. But, well, men’s style is in a unique place right now, where traditional ways of “dressing up” no longer make sense, while the current rage for streetwear simply won’t work at any holiday party. So, in the name of helping our readers out, we’ve pulled the perfect outfits and accessories for every holiday party you’re likely to attend this season, from the office party on to New Year’s Eve. And they’re all the epitomes of casual polish. Read on and get dressed up right this year.

The Office Party

The office holiday party is where you’re going to want to dress most conservatively. Here, throw on a staid blazer with an Oxford and a dark mac raincoat. And leave the subversion for your scent. A spritz of cannabis cologne is perfectly naughty, even while your outfit is sure to get you on the nice list.

Holidays Dinner With the Family

Holiday dinner with the fam is the perfect place to throw some color into your outfit. But don’t fall for the ugly sweater trap—even in jest. Instead wear a red sweater with olive chinos, for a festive but unoffensive look. Top that off with a camel overcoat and plenty of gifts, including bags from Teddyfish, and MALIN + GOETZ candles and perfume oil.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is when you want to glitz it up. But unless you’re Bruce Wayne, you probably aren’t going to be attending a black tie party. So instead, opt for something sophisticated but easy, like this black turtleneck with an equally chic black bomber. Add a black scarf for warmth—and panache—and throw in some shades just for fun. It is New Year’s after all.

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