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Jack Gray Writes Indie Pop Jams for the 21st Century

Jack Gray recently burst out of Australia, full of youthful enthusiasm and indie pop songs that are both fun and thought provoking. Intrigued, we hosted Jack at our O.N.S flagship store in SoHo to learn about his songwriting process, get his opinion on clothes, and to find out what it’s been like to move from Australia to Los Angeles. 

How old were when you realized you could not only write songs, but write good songs, real songs that might mean things to other people?

After I spent a year or two out of school, I definitely noticed a positive change in my music. I was traveling, meeting new people, and really just learning more about myself. It helped me realize that I didn’t just want to write love songs, but write about something a little deeper. I was about 19 when I really started talking about how I was feeling as opposed to what I thought people were feeling.

We love how your music blends indie rock, intimate lyrics, and pop music. Is that mix intentional or is that sort of how it all just comes out?  

Yes and no! That’s a great reference because those two styles of music were predominantly what I grew up listening to. I think my love for those conversational, intimate lyrics started with my obsession for the band Ball Park Music in high school. Their style of writing is so interesting because they use really obscure words and references and still manage to get their message across. So yes, for those reasons, but no because you never know what it’s going to sound like at the end of it all. For the most part, my songs are just a collective of random ideas that I thought were cool.

What’s it been like to move from Australia to LA? Do you like it there? How has it impacted your music?

I love it there. It hasn’t been that long and I’ve been on the road quite a bit, so I’m still getting use to the change of pace but I’m looking forward to spending more time in the “Big Smoke.” Obviously I love Australia with all my heart and it’s the coolest place on the planet, but I made this decision because I believe there’s a few limitations that come with living there. Also, you’re surrounded by some of the best songwriters and producers in the world in LA, so it’s been really productive for the growth of my music.

How important are clothes and style to you as a performer?

I’ve always loved getting geared up and wearing cool clothes. Especially in winter! To perform good, you gotta feel good. It’s just another way to express yourself as an artist.

Anything coming up soon? What’s next for Jack Gray?

Heaps of traveling, gigs, and song writing! I get bored easily, so I plan to be a busy man over the next few years!


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