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ONS Manual: Issue 36

The Spring Awakening Issue

The new season is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more ready! Spring has its own unique vibe and cadence, and yes, its own style too. For this issue, we dug deeper into the vibrant NYC creative class and unearthed cool new looks and lifestyles. We’ve also got must-see street style and style guides you just can’t miss. So sit back, relax, and soak in all the style inspiration.

The O.N.S Conduit Packable Blazer and Pant in Motion with the Velo Barber

At O.N.S, we created our new Conduit Packable Blazer and Pant to move. Made from a flexible, wrinkle-resistant cotton-poly blend with just a hint…

Hit the Trail: Hiking-Inspired Outfits to Get You Going This Spring

When we were designing our new Grey Label we drew on inspiration from around the world. We looked to Japanese fashion, travel gear, and…

How Umru Balances a Full-Fledged Music Career With College

Umru Rothenberg goes to City College in New York. But he’s not your average student. Instead, he balances school with a thriving music career,…

Packing Pieces: How to Wear Our Conduit Packable Blazer and Pant

If you’re a member of the global creative class you probably travel all the time. And though you’re likely a master packer by now,…

King Children Are Disrupting the Eyewear Game With 3D Printing

In today’s digital marketplace consumers demand quality, choice, and personal attention. But many retailers are only able to provide this in limited doses, offering…

Lichen’s Owners Met by Chance But They Sell Furniture With a Purpose

Sometimes, the most important things in life seem to happen by chance. Maybe you found that one nice shirt you can’t live without while…

Stylist Shawn Lakin Talks Vintage, Spring Style, and Mixing High and Low

Shawn Lakin seems to have been born to be a fashion stylist. From making her own clothes as a kid, to moving to London…

Style Inspo Spring ’19: NYFW:M Street Style by George Elder

There is no better city for fashion and style inspiration than New York. Earlier this February, we sought out the trained eye of hawk-eyed…

Jameel Charles’s Unique Drawing Style is Starting to Pay Off

In the fashion world true originality is at a premium. That’s what drew us to Jameel Charles, an artist who’s truly done it his…

Resort Preview: Vacation Gear That Won’t Make You Look Like a Tourist

February’s half done, Major League pitchers and catchers have reported for duty, and spring is on the horizon. Whether you’re planning a late warm…

Braxton Cook’s Leading Jazz’s Newest Wave

There’s a new wave of jazz rising across the United States. Spurred on by young players determined to take the best from past masters…

Selvedge Squad: 3 Ways to Wear Our New Selvedge Denim

This spring, we’re upgrading our denim, offering our Alden trucker jacket and straight-leg Mission jeans in a fine, black selvedge textile. Tough, elegant, and…

Meet Justin Dean Thomas, Roots Musician for the Modern Age

In a world where manufactured pop stars get more and more of the attention, Justin Dean Thomas stands out for his authentic commitment to himself.…

The New Albums We’ll Be Listening To All Spring

Last year was actually a great year for music, and it looks like we’re off to the races again in 2019. It’s actually somewhat…

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