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How to Travel Like a Fashion Editor With GQ’s Alexander-Julian Gibbson

Face it, no one travels more than fashion editors. With major fashion weeks occurring twice a year in four different cities, plus pressers, on-location shoots, and even the occasional personal trip, these hardworking professionals are almost always on the go. And while that may seem glamorous, it can also be taxing, which is one of the reasons fashion editors quickly learn to properly pack all their favorite clothes and comforts if they hope to stay in the game. That’s why O.N.S sought out GQ social media editor and writer Alexander-Julian Gibbson to get his insights on exactly which items of clothing you need to pack for maximum style at minimal weight, as well as the personal items he just can’t live without, no matter where he is in the world.

My Philosophy:

When packing I think it’s important to bring pieces that are versatile enough to work in multiple ways, but still cool enough to style on the locals wherever you’re going.

My Favorite Good Denim:

Top or trousers, always a staple.



I always pack one pair of boots because they’re an easy way to elevate any outfit. Right now, I’m really into my cowboy boots, so that’s what I’m bringing with me everywhere. A nice a pair of dark chelsea boots will get the job done too.

A Casual Suit:

I always pack a casual suit, like this linen O.N.S number. It’s easy enough to work in the day time, but also nice enough for anything dressier if need be. In the winter I switch it out for a corduroy suit, but you want to work the fabrics according to the climate of your destination.

Statement Jacket:

You always need a statement piece that you can pull out at any moment to style up a fit. The easiest piece to do that with is with a super swaggy jacket, like this window pane denim overcoat.


Self explanatory—#CoziBoyz4Lyfe


As much as I love my Bred 1s, nothing beats the wearability of a pair of Vans, Common Projects, or Converse.

Inside My Travel Bag:

When I travel, I always pack a small bag with some grooming and lifestyle essentials, including everything from the perfect sunglasses to dental floss.

Clockwise from bottom left:

Off-White x Warby Parker Sunglasses

Dior Sauvage—My lighter daytime scent.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla—My more sophisticated evening scent.

Laptop—For work and play.

Passport—You’re always gonna need one of these.

Joseph Abboud Tote—It’s beautiful, sturdy, and can fit a ton of stuff.

Floss—I never go anywhere without floss. Having food in my teeth is the most irritating feeling.

Oji Royale Velvet Durag—Always gotta keep the waves protected.

Tom Ford Lip Balm

Colombian Emerald Ring

Be sure to follow Alexander-Julian on IG here.

Styling by Prince Adams

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