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Vintage is Always in Style at This Brooklyn Furniture Store

At Home Union in Brooklyn you’ll find an incredible selection of mid-century furniture and lighting, as well as a lovely array of contemporary candles, soaps, and framed prints. But beyond that, you’ll also find a unique story, in which married couple and proprietors, Meghan Lavery and Dan King, came to vintage furniture from varied backgrounds to create one of the coolest shops in Williamsburg. Before founding Home Union, Lavery was a fashion designer and brand owner, slowly falling in love with vintage furniture on the side, before realizing she had so much stuff she needed to open a showroom and then a shop. King, a former college English major, discovered his passion for furniture almost accidentally, finding work at a friend’s wood shop, which eventually developed into an obsession. Together, their combined skills have created a formidable business, with Lavery’s sharp eye complemented by King’s technical skill and know-how. Hungry to hear more about great design and what’s de rigueur for fall 2018, we stopped by the shop to chat with the couple and get their tips on everything from making small spaces work to the best seasonal candle scents and why vintage furniture is the more sustainable option.

For someone with a small space, how can they open things up this fall?

Show your floor. Lucite and glass furniture functions without looking too cumbersome in a small space. Cantilever chairs and peg-legged furniture help remove eye clutter and give the illusion of a larger space. And there is the classic move of adding a mirror.

What candle scents are you into for fall?

As we get into the cooler months, Atrium by Cavern gets lit a lot, with a sweet, inviting musk, spicy cardamom, and a light tobacco warmed by a base of vanilla bean and amber. Mainely Manly by Wary Meyers is another favorite, with notes of cut cedar, woodsmoke, Maine woodlands, balsam, primitive musk, and light patchouli on a bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.

Vintage furniture’s completely different from contemporary stuff. What, in your opinion, makes vintage pieces better?

Vintage is absolutely greener. A lot of the furniture we sell was built prior to mass deforestation, and because of this, the woods are old growth and excellent quality. These pieces were built in a time before a throwaway market took the stage. They were built to last, and they have.

What item should someone who’s new to interior design and vintage furniture splurge on first?

An amazing chair or lamp can completely change the style of your room. If you move a lot, they can easily move with you. If you need storage, a timeless Danish tallboy or credenza can add a touch of elegance.

Your selection varies, from Scandinavian glass vases, to plastic, to teak pepper mills. Which materials do you think fit the season’s cool weather best?

We love all of it. Our aesthetic is to mix and match textures and materials. Fill a space with too much of the same thing and it will feel stale. Variety is your friend.

What are the most popular pieces at Home Union?

Cesca chairs by Marcel Breuer, Danish teak storage pieces, and Kartell Componibili units.

If you could decorate one big loft space for the fall, which pieces would you use? Why?

A Siesta chair by Ingmar Relling is one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for cozying up with a book and looks stunning from all angles. Some Alvar Aalto stacking stools, which are multifunctional. Great for guests, side tables, or even plant pedestals. We would also absolutely add some color! A graphic rug or some art to add a pop of color will help warm a space, too.

Any final tips for fall decor?

Mood lighting is key. Beautiful mushroom lamps by Laurel, directional lights by Robert Sonneman, or Italian floor halogens will help make your home a place you won’t want to leave this fall.

Be sure to follow Home Union on IG here.

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