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Rapper P-Muna’s Gunning for the Top Spot

Listening to P-Muna’s most recent album “1991,” one of the first things you notice is how effortlessly current and melodic his sound is. No lie, you could pick almost any track off the LP and slot it into the primetime hour of any major urban radio show (Funk Flex, are you listening?). Another thing that’s instantly perceptible is the amount of passion and hard work poured into each track; this is not a “sometimes rapper” doing music as a cavalier pastime, these are his dreams and aspirations being meticulously delivered on wax. And actually, his background offers some insight into his laser-eyed focus. P-Muna was a star high school athlete and was even named First Team All-Area Linebacker. He went on to play football at the University of Albany, before switching his energies to music. He may have taken the long road to finding his full-time passion, but it’s not hard to tell that this New York emcee is bubbling with tons of potential. See our interview with the up-and-coming GLDC affiliate below…

Your music is really melodic, which is the direction Hip-Hop seems to be going in general right now. Was that a conscious choice or is that melodic style more just the way you rhyme naturally?

Hip-Hop definitely seems to be going in that direction. I personally love to rap and sing, so when I mastered my own melodic sound, this style allowed me as an an artist, to express my love for rhyming words and being soulful at the same time.

Outside of Hip-Hop, what’s your favorite kind of music or favorite artist? How do you incorporate that into your music while still staying true to yourself?

Outside of Hip-Hop I truly love R&B music! R&B and Hip-Hop music consigned as the foundation of my music growing up, so it’s easy [literally second naturally] to channel both these dope genres at the same time while creating, and also separately.

In addition to the music, I really like the art from your new “1991” album. Who created that for you and what were you trying to convey with it?

Thank you! My artist partner, Jordan Guerra, whipped that crazy piece of art for me. He took the time to understand my vision; as a kid I always dreamed of being a big rapper. I wanted the audience to know that it’s never too early or too late to dream big and become that person you always saw yourself becoming.

Though you have songs about having fun, much of your music seems to urge people to be themselves, to stay true to who they are and to use that authenticity to fuel their own success. Do you see yourself as inspirational or do you feel more like you’re just trying to put out a positive, creative vibe?

That’s a great question. I see myself as more of the inspirational entity, and yes about all the positive, creative vibes, but I have a story to tell. A story very relatable to many humans and I want to show them how GREAT we all are!

When we shot photos with you, it was clear you had a real appreciation for materials and fits. Have you always been interested in fashion and clothes? How do you see clothes and gear as a way to help emphasize your music and message?

Oh Hell Yeah! I can’t lie and say I don’t like to get super fly! From urban streetwear, athletic wear, all the way to that GQ look! I’m all about it. Fashion helps me brand the type of Artist I am.

I know that your recent album “1991” only came out in February, but still, I’m wondering what else you’ve got coming up? What’s next for P. Muna?

Yessir! I actually dropped a lil mixtape called “Year of the Flex” Tape end of this month so be on the lookout for that. Plus there will be another project early fall! But since March, I’ve been on my 1991 Tour, hitting a bunch of different venues in the North East and West Coast, so I’ve been having a bunch of fun doing that!


Be sure to follow P-Muna on IG here

Photography: Eduardo Brassai 

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